Denka Q-TEX Type-3 (Water Plug)

The high performance rapid-hardening cement, for water cutoff of concrete

Product description

Denka Q-TEX Type-3 (Water Plug)


The high performance rapid-hardening cement, for water cutoff of concrete

Package 5 kg.



  • Repairs of cracks, joints and water cutoff at leaks in concrete structure
  • Filling of joints in block construction



  • Easy to use, Special skills or techniques are not required
  • Rapid-hardening properties provide quick increases in strength simultaneous to start of hardening
  • High adhesion and water resistance
  • Shrinkage does not occur when hardening and cracks are not produced

Application procedure

  • Water cutoff
    • Chip concrete at leak in v shape
    • Wash chipped portion with clean water
    • Fill from surrounding area of leakage source
    • After surrounding Denka Q-TEX hardens, Insert vinyl hose at leakage point and pack around hose
    • Snip hose after surroundings adequately hardened, pack Denka Q-TEX into hole and press with finger until hardened
    • After completing water cutoff, finish flush with rest of concrete and apply appropriate coating

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