Product description

Aliphatic Polyurethane modified, bituminous water base, cold applied compound, with antioxidants and special additives to enhance adhesion


  • Easy application by brush
  • Excellent adhesion to based substrates
  • Weather resistant
  • Acids and alkalis resistant


  • GEL Liquid Bitumen (Water Base) is recommended for dam-proofing and waterproofing of concrete and masonry surfaces above and basement, walls, floors, roofs, bridges, bathrooms, toilet, kitchens and other surfaces which
    require a highly flexible coating.

Work Procedure

  • After stirring well, GEL Liquid Bitumen (Water Base) can be applied by trowel or squeegee. If the material is found too thick for application, it can be diluted with water. Hot, dry or very porous substrate should be dampened with clean water prior to application of GEL Liquid Bitumen (Water Base). Recommend two or more coats are required, ensure that the preceding coat is fully dry before applying the successive coat, which should be applied by right angle to proceeding next layer.

Mixing ratio with water

  • For Primer
    • GEL Liquid Bitumen (Water Base) can diluted with water up to 100% is maximum
  • For second coat
    • GEL Liquid Bitumen (Water Base) can diluted with water up to 20% is maximum
  • For top coat
    • GEL Liquid Bitumen (Water Base) can diluted with water up to 10% is maximum


  • Can be reinforcement with fiber glass mat on second coat and may need extra one more coat depend on the thickness of fiber glass mat


  • Stored below 25°C and keep away from sources of heat and sunlight


  • Tools and equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after use

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