Joint Sealant

High-quality line marking materials cater to various surfaces, providing excellent adhesion and exceptional weather resistance

GEL CHEMICAL provides high-quality line marking materials that cater to various surfaces such as aluminum, glass, brick, concrete, wood, tiles, ceramics, cement boards, and gypsum boards. With excellent adhesion, flexibility, and high durability, these materials withstand weather conditions exceptionally well.

The products in the "Joint Sealant" group is included:

  • GEL Sealant MS : A high quality, neutral, elastic, 1 component with advanced polymer (SMX) based sealant

  • GEL Silicone Sealant : High quality silicone, one-component sealant

  • GEL Acrylic Sealant : High quality acrylic, one-component sealant


High-flexibility joint sealant with excellent adhesion,

suitable for all types of joints!

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