Concrete Protection & Repair

Concrete Protection and Repair products are high-quality and excel in handling decorative thin plastering on concrete walls as well as effectively repairing cracks in concrete structures

GEL Super Skim Coat is a pre-mixed cement for thin plastering work. It's specifically designed for decorative finishes on concrete walls, serving as an excellent aid in achieving a smooth and beautiful concrete wall surface. Its outstanding adhesion properties help to ensure a perfectly smooth and attractive finish

The products in the "Concrete Protection and Repair" group is included:

  • GEL Super Skim Coat : Super skim coat is the ready-mixed cement for smoothening surface wall

  • GEL Super Skim Coat Extended Dry : the ready-mixed cement for smoothening surface wall with setting time 200 mins


  • Non - calcium dust
  • Non fungus
  • Non crack and slip
  • High bond strength
  • Easy to use
  • Skim coat can be applied about 1-3 mm thick
  • Skim coat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor

GEL Super Skim Coat

Smoothing concrete wall finishes to perfection

Epoxy GEL-S1 : Injection is an unfilled and un-pigmented resin with exceptionally low viscosity for pressure injection. Free from diluting agents, insoluble and non-reactive.


  • Easy mixing from convenient and economical package
  • May be used on moist and absorbent surfaces
  • Solvent-free
  • Extremely low viscosity ensuring very good penetration and plastic flow both as free-flowing material
  • Extremely high (more than 100%) tensile elongation which makes Epoxy GEL-S1 Injection very suitable for use in structures exposed to vibrations (bridge-decks, pre-fab structure in expressway construction, etc.) and to structures which are exposed to continuous structures movement


Excellent at handling crack repairs in concrete structures.

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