GEL Waterproof Type General (25 kg./Set)

Two component water proof type cement base, general purpose

Product description

Two component water proof type cement base, general purpose


  • Cement base water proof, non-toxicity requirement especially for potable water such as water tank
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Breathable and allows transmission of water vapour from interior of building
  • Protection of concrete against the effects of CO2, de-icing salts and water penetration
  • Flexible and cover cracks or pores of all masonry


  • Suitable for applying waterproofing in concrete such as concrete slab, concrete wall, bathroom, swimming pool, water tank, septic tank etc

Surface Preparation

  • Clean surface from dust, concrete debris or oil stain
  • If the concrete surface is cracked should be repaired the cracks
  • Spray the water allow the concrete surface to be moist before apply water proof


  • Mix cement with additive according to mixing ratio in technical table
  • Mix by electric drill speed 500 rpm until mixture is homogeneous
  • After mixing, use all within 30 minutes

Remark: Do not add water

Work Procedure

  • Apply water proof first layer by brush while concrete surface have be moist and leave it about 3 – 4 hours before apply second layer
  • Apply second layer by applying perpendicular to the first  layer
  • Do not expose the surface to water for 3 days after applying
  • For tiling should be leave the substrate surface to dry about 3 days


  • Avoid using in sunlight place
  • Do not spray water before apply second layer
  • Clean the tools immediately after use.

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