The waterproofing product line comprises various types of products that can comprehensively meet diverse usage needs

The waterproofing product line offers a variety of options, including acrylic, cementitious, water-based, and fire-resistant types, with outstanding flexibility. These products effectively prevent water penetration.

The products in the "Waterproofing" group is included:

  • GEL-Rooflex : One component water proof type acrylic base, High flexibility

  • GEL Waterproof Type General : Two component water proof type cement base, general purpose

  • GEL Waterproof Type Flexi : Two-component general flexible cementitious waterproof

  • GEL PU Waterproof: Elastic waterproofing Polyurethane membrane, single component, High flexibility and elongation, Water base

  • GEL Liquid Bitumen (Water Base) : Aliphatic Polyurethane modified, bituminous water base, cold applied compound, with antioxidants and special additives to enhance adhesion

  • GEL Torch Bitumen Membrane : Fire-resistant bitumen waterproofing membrane

GEL Waterproofing

GEL waterproofing solution offers high flexibility, effectively preventing water penetration

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