Product description



Denka Quick Capsule is special type of cement, which is generally used use in the work of embedding steel of anchor bolt in the concrete construction with the ability of fast setting and high bonding.



  • Use for embedding steel of anchor bolt or rebar in concrete structure
  • Embed works for repair or installation


  • Easy to use, convenient and fast
  • High tensile and shear strength
  • Suitable for moist or submerged area
  • Suitable for both vertical and horizontal use
  • Good heat-resistance (as good as concrete)
  • No chloride content / no corrosion of bolts

Application procedure

  • Drill concrete hole to embed anchor bolt or dowel bar in the concrete. Check the size and depth on the DENKA QUICK CAPSULE technical data table
  • Clean the hole by using the air blower or brush
  • Bring DENKA QUICK CAPSULE to soak in the water following the technical data
  • Plug the capsule into the holes
  • Hammer the anchor bolt or dowel bar that need to embed into the pre-drilled holes, while hammering, rotate the bolt clockwise until the bolt reaches the end




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