Product description

High performance solvent free, thixotropic 2 component adhesive and anchorage purposed mortar on epoxy resin base


  • Can be applied onto dry or damp substrates
  • Exhibits high mechanical strength
  • Positive adhesion – exceeds that of the tensile strength of the host concrete
  • Solvent-free can be used in enclosed locations


  • Drilling hole in concrete to embed based on Anchor Bolt or Dowel Bar by size of the hole and depth look according to table data use
  • Cleaning the hole, using the wind blowing or brushing dust and rounding the drilled hole, or on the side, because it will make the performance of Epoxy Gel S4 reduced
  • Mix the Epoxy Part A and Part B as the ratio (Part A,2 : Part B,1), and mix together until a homogeneous mix for about 2 minutes, the time used
  • Bring a mixture of Epoxy and insert it into the hole about half of the drilled holes. Hammering the Bolt Anchor or Dowel Bar that you want to embed into the drilled holes. While hammering, turn Bolt clockwise to by using a drill with the connector (Chuck). Until the ingredients in capsules out of the hole and the Bolt reaches the end Bolt round upholstered in end of hole.

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