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GEL Padding Mortar

Package 25 kg.



Special type of non-shrink mortar, padding for machine installation, steel structure and precast wall erection.



  • Cast a support base for small to heavy machinery foundation or vibration
  • Make the padding for machine installation and steel structure erection
  • Precast wall erection



  • Non-bleeding
  • Controlled expansion / non-shrinkage
  • Non-metallic, non-rusting and chloride free
  • Stable form
  • High early and high ultimate strength. Compressive strength is 300 ksc (Cu) in 1 day and 550 ksc (Cu) in 28 days

Application procedure

  1. Concrete base surface area must be removed 2 cm. depth
  2. Use the mixed padding to fill in the prepared mould
  3. Use rebar to compact padding mortar
  4. Place steel plate on the top of padding mortar
  5. Use a hammer to knock the plate into mortar and then, remove the formwork
  6. Adjust the steel plate to the defined level. Use a trowel smoothen padding surface and scratch on surface for increasing bonding

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