GEL Non Shrink Grout Type GLH (25 kg.)

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Non-Shrink Grout Type GLH

Compressive strength is 350 ksc (Cu) in 1 day and 700 ksc (Cu) in 28 days

Package 25 kg.



The high performance type of non-shrink grout cement, good flow ability with high early and high ultimate strength for high rise building construction



  • General concrete repair
  • Concrete structure repair such as column, beam and road surface
  • Cast the base for supporting column, bridge structure or crane's rail
  • Fill the gap, such as foundation or concrete formwork
  • Precast wall installation
  • Work which is required greater strength than general concrete
  • Work which is required early high strength 
  • Cast the base for supporting small machinery
  • TIS 2701-2559



  • Non-bleeding
  • Controlled expansion / non-shrinkage
  • Non-metallic, non-rusting and chloride free
  • Good flow ability
  • Non-air void
  • High compressive strength
  • High early and high ultimate strength. Compressive strength is 350 ksc (Cu) in 1 day and higher than 700 ksc (Cu) in 28 days

Application procedure

  • Surface preparation
    the base for supporting machinery, it can be proceed the next step
    • In case the general grout, fill in the joint between precast or cast of the base for supporting machinery, it can be proceed the next step 
    • In case of repair work, the existing concrete surface must be removed 1-2 cm. depth or deep until stone layer before continuing next step
  • Clean concrete surfaces by using water or blowing air
  • Install concrete formwork to be strong and without leakage
  • Use water to keep concrete saturated at least 6 hours
  • Before starting work, drain water out and blow the air for cleaning concrete surface
  • Pour cement grout from one side to the other side by continuous pouring to prevent the void inside




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