Product description

A special chemical used for breaking stones and concrete soundlessly. It does not make loud noises while performing the demolition.


  • Soundless cracking
  • Easy to use, by mixing with water
  • Can be used in community areas
  • When Bristar - 100 is mixed with water and leave for 6 hours, it will have chemical reaction and expansive strength with maximum pressure of more than 600 ksc. after 36 hours by the pressure of expansion will cause the concrete crack.
  • No special license is required, like using explosives or reagents for concrete blast.


  • Workpieces or concrete structures such as walls, piles, staves, floors, beams, foundations and bridges etc.
  • Large stones

Hole Drilling

  • The general diameter of the hole is 36 - 50 millimeters.
  • The drill hole has a depth of 90% of the desired height. and must not be less than 10 times the hole diameter.
  • The first hole should be far from the edge of the workpiece that needs to be destroyed about 5 times of hole diameter.
  • The distance between drill holes should not be more than 10 times the diameter of the hole.
  • Drilling should be done in a serrated format.


Application Procedure

  • Drill a hole of the concrete or stone that needs to be destroyed by drilling according to the instructions in the document.
  • Mix Bristar-100 with water according to the ratio rate in the usage table (Bristar - 100 1 bag with 1.5 liters of water)
  • After mixing with the water, pour Bristar-100 into the prepared hole within 10 minutes after being mixed.
  • Wait until the concrete or stone that has poured Bristar - 100 is cracked and then, remove the broken stone from construction site.


  • When mixed and applied Bristar-100, rubber gloves and goggles must be weared to prevent contacting with Bristar-100,
  • The container used should be steel or plastic.
  • After pouring the Bristar-100 into the hole, do not look into the hole. There might be splashes into the eyes due to chemical reactions
  • Do not mix on-site or use water with temperatures above 35 ° C for mixing.

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