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Epoxy GEL-S1 Injection is an unfilled and un-pigmented resin with exceptionally low viscosity for pressure injection. Free from diluting agents, insoluble and non-reactive.

Net Amout

  • Part A : 10 kg.
  • Part B : 5 kg..


  • Easy mixing from convenient and economical package
  • May be used on moist and absorbent surfaces
  • Solvent-free
  • Extremely low viscosity ensuring very good penetration and plastic flow both as free-flowing material (brush or roller applied on horizontal surfaces) and when pressurized by injection equipment
  • Extremely high (more than 100%) tensile elongation which makes Epoxy GEL-S1 Injection very suitable for use in structures exposed to vibrations (bridge-decks, pre-fab structure in expressway construction, etc.) and to structures which are exposed to continuous structures movement


  • Drill holes along the crack line.
  • Clean crack line with electric grinding tools and ensure that concrete surface is clean, sound and free from oil and grease
  • Insert injection nipples in holes at distances of between 20-40 cm. to avoid any counter-pressure
  • Seal along the crack line on surface with Epoxy GEL-S1
  • Blow through the nipples with compressed air to ensure dust and loose particles are removed
  • Inject Epoxy GEL-S1 Injection by using suitable pressurized injection equipment such as a twin line manual crack injection pump, a peristaltic pump or other similar equipment. Nipples should be open at suitable intervals and injection should continue until the epoxy comes out at other end of system
  • Remove the nipples and close with Epoxy GEL-S1 Injection
  • Epoxy GEL-S1 Injection may also be brushed or rolled on to surface for sealing micro-cracks and shrinkage cracks. If such surface exposed to direct sunshine, do such application immediately or soon before application of other layers on top to ensure no degradation of epoxy due to UV-light. If longer time before subsequent top layers added, saturate Epoxy GEL-S1 Injection on surface with sand filler to prevent exposure to UV-light



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