GEL Latex Bonding Agent

Liquid bonding agent

Product description

Liquid bonding agent


  • Ready-to-use with easy application
  • Strong and durable bond between layers of old/new concrete or new/new concrete
  • Non-flammable


  • As a bonding agent between new/old concrete layers or new/new concrete layers
  • Increase the elasticity of bond between different layers of concrete and thereby reduces or prevents the stress cracks during curing as also stress from
    vibration in concrete floor (running fork-lift trucks)
  • Use as a mortar, When mixed with sand and cementitious for patching on surface of old or new concrete floors

Surface Preparation

  • Clean surface from dust, concrete debris or oil stain
  • Surface must be pre-wetted before to apply GEL Latex Bonding Agent

Application procedure

  • Apply waterproof first layer by using brush while concrete surface have be moist and leave it about 3-4 hours before apply second layer
  • Apply second layer by applying perpendicular to the first layer
  • Do not expose the surface to water for 3 days after applying
  • For tiling, it should be waited for at least 3 days


  • In case of contact with skin, wash with clean water
  • In case of eye-contact, wash immediately with an abundance of clean water and contact eye-doctor

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