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Adhesive Tile Cement


Cement tile adhesive is the ready-mixed adhesive cement for general tile.

Package 20 kg.



  • Ceramic tiling
  • Porous tiling
  • Mosaic tiling
  • Clay tiling



  • Ease of use by adding water
  • Addition admixture for increasing bonding
  • High bonding and anti-slip
  • Can be used with maximum size 30x30 cm2 of general tile and low absorption tile, ceramic tile and mosaic tile
  • Suitable for interior and exterior tiling
  • TIS 2703-2559

Application procedure

  • Leveling and smooth the surface
  • Clean surface before tiling
  • Mixing cement tile adhesive with cleaned water following mix ratio from technical data table, Mix until mixture is homogeneous before bring it to use
  • Pour cement tile adhesive to tiling area around 1 – 2 m2
  • Use notched trowel to make a scratch on the cement tile adhesive at 2 – 6 mm. thickness
  • Put tile on cement and use rubber hammer to knock
  • Leave it at least 24 – 48 hr. before using tile sealant



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