GEL Polymer Self-Leveling


Self-leveling polymer cement for thickness 1 – 3 mm.


Self-leveling polymer cement for thickness 1 – 3 mm.


  • Good flow self-leveling
  • Tough and smooth surface, no dust, no shrinking
  • Easy to use, simply mixes
  • Dry quickly
  • Resistance to impact and vibration
  • Hard surface less scratching and abrasion
  • Good adhesion to the concrete surface
  • Non-toxic, free from chlorides and iron


  • Suitable for concrete surface preparation work to place wood, laminate, parquet, rubber tile, ceramic tile or others

Surface Preparation

  • Surface must be clean and without any dust, dirt or coating materials such as oil stain, grease, paint, curing compound
  • If the concrete surface is cracked should be repaired the cracks
  • New concrete surface should be at least 28 days age
  • Should be cured the exist surface until saturated to prevent exist surface absorb water from leveling cement

Mixing Method

  • Add water according to recommendation
  • Slowly pour self-leveling cement into the bucket and mixing by electric drill to prevent void in cement
  • Approximately 3 minutes to mix.

Application Process

  • Pour GEL Self Leveling into preparation surface
  • Level the surface with a stainless steel float or screed board
  • Spike roller can be used to remove air bubble in self-leveling mortar.


  • The product may cause skin irritation, allergic reactions and respiratory irritation. If the product gets into your eyes should be rinsed with clean water running through the eyes. Suitable gloves and protective equipment should be worn when operating. Keep the product out of the reach of children. Be careful of dust generated during mixing.

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