GEL Gravity Mortar GZ-50


High performance type of non-shrink grout cement, good flow ability with high early and high ultimate strength


High performance type of non-shrink grout cement, good flow ability with high early and high ultimate strength


  • General concrete repair
  • Concrete structure repair such as column, beam and road surface
  • Cast the base for supporting column, bridge structure or concrete slab
  • Fill the gap, such as foundation or concrete formwork
  • Precast wall installation
  • Work which is required greater strength than general concrete
  • Work which is required early high strength
  • Cast the base for supporting small to large machinery and with vibration such as generator, gas turbine etc.



  • Controlled expansion / non-shrinkage
  • Non-bleeding
  • Non-metallic, non-rusting and chloride free
  • Good flow ability
  • Non-air void
  • High compressive strength
  • High early and high maximum compressive strength.
    Compressive strength is higher than 430 ksc (Cu) in 1 day and 660 ksc (Cu) in 28 days

Work Procedure

  • After the bearing is in place and adjusted, the dust and sundries on the roughened concrete surface shall be thoroughly cleaned, and the accumulated water in
    the equipment base plate and anchor bolt hole must be cleaned
  • Before pouring, water the grouting surface of the concrete foundation to keep it wet, but there shall be no water on the surface
  • After the concrete is cleaned, the formwork shall be erected around. The formwork shall be firm and all gaps shall be sealed (especially between formwork
    and concrete) to avoid leakage of grout
  • When the mixing volume is large, the mortar mixer should be used for mixing and mixing time is about 5 – 10 minutes. When the mixing volume is small, the
    electric hand drill mixer (low speed) can be used. The mixing bucket is made of metal and is about 320x350 mm. the total mixing time is 3 – 5 minutes
  • After grouting, it shall be poured continuously without interruption, and the grouting time shall be shortened as much as possible, and the mixture shall be used
    up within 30 minutes
  • After the initial setting of the slurry, cover the wet straw bag or wet cloth for curing

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