GEL Epoxy Grout


High performance, epoxy resin grout, suitable for use at high chemical resistant & vibration machine base application


High performance, epoxy resin grout, suitable for use at high chemical resistant & vibration machine base application


  • Suitable for use in high temperature operating environments with continuous service temperatures up to 150 ºC
  • High flexural strength and adhesion to substrate ensure excellent performance under dynamic load situations
  • High early strength performance allow minimum down time and early commissioning of plant
  • High compressive and tensile strengths ensure durability and long term service
  • Simple mixing properties ensure a convenient application
  • Excellent chemicals resistance such as acids and alkalis
  • Designed for low creep characteristics under sustained loading and elevated temperatures


  • Supports beneath crane and transporter rails
  • High speed turbines and centrifuges
  • Drop test machine, reciprocating machinery and other operating or test equipment subject to heavy dynamic or repetitive loads

Surface Preparation

  • All surfaces are to be grouted should be clean and dry
  • Concrete surfaces should have a scratched by steel-trowel or fine hair-broom for increase bonding. All high spots should be removed.
  • All metal surfaces should be made clean of paint, oils, rust and other contaminants. Abrade to expose bright metal then wipe clean with solvent prior to priming.


  • The formwork should be leak proof. This can be achieved by using GEL Sealant MS beneath the formwork and between joints. For grout conditions, it is essential to provide a hydrostatic head of grout.


  • The entire contents of the hardener can should be poured into the base container and mixed until homogeneous and consistent paste grout is formed. Place the mixed base and hardener into a suitable force action mixer making
    sure that the entire volume is poured in. Add the aggregate and mix for 2-3 minutes or until uniform color is achieved. Once mixed, the material must be used within the specified pot life. After this time, unused material will have stiffened and should be discarded.
Note: All surfaces must be dry prior to placement

Technical Data

Material Base-Epoxy Resin
Color (A+B+C)-Light grey
Specific Gravity (A+B+C)-1.6
Tensile Strength 7 DaysMPa36
Flexural Strength 7 DaysMPa40

Compressive Strength

- 1 Day
- 3 Days
- 7 Days


Shear Strength 7 DaysMPa20
Service Temperature°C15 - 35
Pot Life @ 25 °CMinutes~ 60
Packagekg per set10
Shelf LifeMonth24


  • In case of contact with skin, wash with clean water
  • In case of eye-contact, wash immediately with an abundance of clean water and contact eye-doctor
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