GEL Waterproof PUT


Polyurethane top coat, two component, high performance


Polyurethane top coat, two component, high performance


  • Easy application by brush
  • Excellent adhesion to based substrates
  • Excellent resistance to UV
  • Excellent barrier properties ensure protection against corrosive from underground conditions
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation and embrittlement.
  • Mechanical damage to the membrane can be easily repaired by spot application.
  • Highly elastic
  • Rapid installation; significantly reduces time spent on preparatory works


  • GEL Waterproof PUT is use as a top coat of PU waterproof coating system on basements, tunnel, plaza decks, toilets, kitchens, parking garages, swimming pools, ground floor, roof, balconies, bridges, water retaining structure, sewage
    work etc.

Work Procedure

  • GEL Waterproof PUT should be applied by brush, trowel, squeegee or airless spray at a minimum 0.16 Liters / sq.m. / coat and recommend 2 coat (The minimum application life after opening the pack is up to 48 hours if stored in closed containers) In critical applications where surety of film thickness is paramount, Second coats should be applied at right angles to one another. Quantities per coat should be gauged to give the specified final film thickness
    (0.3 mm. @ 2 coat)


  • GEL Waterproof PUT membrane must be cured for a minimum of 24hours @ 25°C

Flood Test

  • Prior to placement of protection, flood to a minimum depth of 50 mm of water for 24 hours. Drains shall be plugged and barriers placed to contain the water.


  • Stored below 25°C and keep away from sources of heat and sunlight.


  • Tools and equipment should be cleaned with Solvent (Thinner AAA) immediately after use.
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