GEL Liquid Crystalline


Liquid Waterproofing for Concrete and Mortar by Crystallization


Liquid Waterproofing for Concrete and Mortar by Crystallization


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent adhesion to substrates
  • The crystallization reaction between GEL LIQUID CRYSTALLINE with free lime and calcium hydroxide in cement will form the crystal to fully block the capillary in the concrete and mortar. It gives permanent moisture and water proof.
  • Non-Corrosive, Non-Toxic
  • Can be use both positive and negative side of waterproofing
  • Can fill void, capillaries and pores in concrete about 5 – 20 mm. deep (Depending on concrete mix design)
  • Easily treated leakage areas with GEL LIQUID CRYSTALLINE, can seal existing cracks up to 2.00 mm in width


  • Used as waterproofing material in concrete such as swimming pool, car park, reservoirs, dams, canals, concrete pipes, water treatment plants, Sea barrier, deck, bridge, etc

Surface Preparation and Work Procedure

  • Clean surface from dust, concrete debris or oil stain
  • Apply GEL LIQUID CRYSTALLINE on the concrete surface after 28 days old of concrete surface
  • All curing compounds must have degraded or be removed before apply GEL LIQUID CRYSTALLINE
  • After GEL LIQUID CRYSTALLINE was dry. Spray the areas with water and respray on the second and third day


  • Stored under dry condition, temperature not below 5°C and keep away from sources of heat and sunlight
  • Clean the tools immediately after use
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