GEL Floor Hardener


Ready-Mixed Non-Metallic Floor-Hardener (Dry Shake)



Ready-Mixed Non-Metallic Floor-Hardener (Dry Shake)


  • General factories
  • Processing rooms of food industries
  • Warehouses with high traffic loads
  • Factories with high loads from fork-lift trucks such as papermills etc.
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Garages


  • Increased compressive strength as also wear (abrasion) resistance of surface
  • High density of surface material which provides for reduced permeability against various liquids
  • Non-dusting, long life, and little maintenance costs

Application Procedure

  • GEL FLOOR HARDENNER is applied on wet concrete during main concrete installation or in toppings of concrete or mortar screeds. Mortar screeds should generally have a minimum thickness of 40 mm for good results.
  • For application of 4 kg mixed quantity or less, apply full quantity by spreading out the material by hand or by mechanical spreader over the concrete or mortar surface. This should be done when water sheen on surface has dispersed.
  • Leave the mix on the floor and allow it to soak up moisture from concrete until surface can withstand light foot traffic. Then, power-trowel the surface with disc attached and using low speeds. Trowel by hand around edges and columns.


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