Knowledge of spraying machine and application

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Knowledge of spraying machine and application

Spraying (Ultra-Low Volume) or ULV is space spraying method, thus the purpose is spraying chemicals into a group of mist filled with very small size of droplets up to 50 m (Micron) These droplets can float in the air for a long time.

"When the germs that float in the air and contact with these aerosols, they will be eliminated after receiving sufficient amounts of chemicals."

When the droplets fall onto the ground, they contact with germs that touch the surface and chemicals will kill those germs. Therefore, spraying will be effective and worth the budget, the diffuser requires knowledge and understanding as following:

  • Knowledge of spray target characteristics: to know where and when to spray for the best result.
  • Type and of germicide formulation for spray machine
  • Spraying technique is what spray machine to use and how to use it in different area and environment.

The World Health Organization recommends the use of fine spray techniques. The spray size should be between 5-27 m in diameter (microns) because the size of the liquid in this range will float for a

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